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Bec and her daughters, Nimu, Saraswoti and Nirmala

Bec Ordish founded the Mitrataa Foundation after six months’ volunteer teaching in Nepal in 2000. She has lived here full time with her three daughters: Nimu, Saraswoti and Nirmala since 2011. She was recently included in the collection of 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You View the World (

Bec believes that the catch cry by Nepalis and outsiders that “Nepal is a poor country that needs lots of help” is crippling an amazing country. Mitrataa exists to inspire Nepali people to take responsibility for their own futures by providing them with education, skills, training, networks and belief in themselves.


The Foundation builds on people’s strengths: passion, belief, persistence, planning, hard work, to overcome challenges and disadvantage. One of the children said to her, “We must be poor, otherwise why does everyone come to give us help?”

Bec believes the answer to that child’s question is stopping aid. That is the key to changing the narrative from “Nepal is a poor country” to “Nepal is an amazing country, full of beautiful natural resources, passionate people and lots of opportunities.”

That requires investment in social enterprise and Nepalis.


Nimu Sherpa Ordish is the Country Manager for 'Mitrataa Foundation' in Nepal. She believes in living life to fullest every single day. When people ask her what is her dream and passion, she tells them she is living her dream! She aims to inspire people with her ideas, passion, and love of learning. She is always telling us that making mistakes is part of life and sometimes life isn’t fair but that’s not an excuse for giving up or doing nothing.

Nimu is the one who never gives up, who is always there to believe in everyone and to push us to achieving our goals, whether it’s 'Mitrataa', teenagers, colleagues, friends, family, Nepalis or visitors from overseas, she inspires everyone around her.


Saraswoti Thapaliya Ordish is the president of Dream Speakers, Mitrataa’s partner organisation in Nepal and is a senior project leader for many of our most challenging projects.

She is a fun-loving person who loves nature’s beauty and is passionate about preserving the environment.

Returning Panauti’s rivers to their natural state and ridding the village of the invasion of plastic is her vision.


Nirmala is a second year law student and senior project leader at Mitrataa.

When she believes something is right, she won’t give up on it, fight until the end. Some call her stubborn, she prefers the term ‘Persistent’.

When she believes in someone, she believes in everyone, which is where Nirmala’s persistence shines through, making them feel heard and encouraging them to keep moving, reminding them that if they believe in themselves, anything is possible.


Matan Chhen
Ward No. 4, Panauti,
Kavrepalanchowk, Nepal


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