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matan chhen's history

Matan Chhen's new future: its restoration

Matan Chhen owes its new life to renowned architect, Rabindra Puri, who saw its potential and poured his love and passion into its restoration. Rabindra won a UNESCO award for his restoration in Bhaktapur of Namuna Ghar, the model house and he is passionate about conserving Nepal's wonderful culture.

Rabindra restored the 2 buildings into 4 beautiful 1 bedroom apartments with 2 shops on the ground floor. When he restored the houses, Rabindra added an extra floor as well as the balcony from which to enjoy the many wonderful festivals of Panauti. All usable materials were reused and when materials had to be replaced, they were mostly replaced from Rabindra’s collection of restored pieces, for example, the pillars on the third floor came from his collection as did the roof tiles.

While staying true to the original architecture, Ramindra incorporated modern facilities such as Western style bathrooms and modern kitchens, with a traditional touch such as brass basins. The house as solar hot water as well as solar back-up power to deal with Nepal’s many power shortages. It has a large underground tank to avoid water shortages too.


Matan Chhen
Ward No. 7, Panauti,
Kavrepalanchowk, Nepal

Raj +977-9841960442